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School Sports Tours - price isn't everything (or is it ?)

You know how it is, you want to offer your pupils the best tour possible at the best price possible so you scout round the UK Tour Operators to see what's on offer and invariably receive a variety of different quotes at a variety of different prices !

So which is the best one for your school ? How can you find real value for money ? Why are the prices so varied ? You can be sure that you will NOT get what you DON'T pay for. So how can you make sure you're getting a fair deal ?

Follow our quick guide below to see what to look for in any quote you receive....

1) Shop around - don't stick with the first quote you get (although it might be the best in the end), get several and check through what you're being offered.

2) Your quote should fit on one page and be a clear bullet list of what you are getting for your money. You can give bonus points to quotes that actually point out what is NOT included.

3) Look at the price difference between the quotes. If it is huge, there's a reason and you need to check carefully to see what is causing the difference.

4) Check the accommodation in Tripadvisor but remember; the biggest complaint about hotels comes from people who have coincided with a school group ! Obviously not their idea of a peaceful holiday, so they will complain about everything. Your best advisor is another teacher who has already stayed there, so ask your Tour Operator for a reference.

5) Have all the quotes got the same activities included and if so are they all officially sanctioned by the local authorities abroad ? The same with excursions; have you got the full version or the "watered down" version ?

6) Have you found two identical quotes at different prices ? Time to read the very small print... what happens if you don't reach the numbers of passengers you'd expected ? What is the policy on alternative accommodation ? What rights has the operator got to simply change your destination at the last minute ? Even if you are offered a full refund, they know you're not going to disappoint the kids !

7) Remember, there's no such thing as FREE PLACES no matter how many you're quoted !

Don't by any means be put off by the above, just be alert and above all common sense. Your contact at your Tour Operator should have enough local knowledge to be able to answer your questions or at least get the answers from their overseas ground handler, so ask all you want no matter how trivial it may seem !

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