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Here you go - on your School Tour !

Once you're on tour, you should be able to sit back, relax a bit and enjoy the new relationship with your pupils. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them and for THEM to see YOU in an out of classroom environment.

No matter if it's a Ski trip, a Sports Tour or Performing Arts tour or an Educational Programme, you'll want to spend quality time with your pupils and not spend it worrying about the day to day. Now this doesn't necesarily mean having a "rep" with you... that's an extra cost and you may well not need one. It does mean that you work closely with your Tour Operator before departing and that your Tour Operator has a ground handler who is able to react quickly and efficiently to any changes you may want to make, or unforseen events that might take place during your tour.

Visit our idyllic coves by Kayak as part of your SunSports Water Sports Activity Tour

You may want to add an excursion or change a meal time and you need it done now. You might have to visit a medical centre, dentist or farmacist...and it's alway good to know that there's someone there that can help you if need be. Remember; your School Trip is relatively short, so you can't be waiting around for things to be actioned from the UK. Make sure your UK Tour Operator has a reliable local agent on stand-by 24 hours so you can stand back and enjoy your holiday !!

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