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  Health & Safety...come on an Inspection Visit

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We know that Health & Safety are top priority for schools and clubs.
So SunSports endeavour to make sure that any accommodation, sports installations, local transport and any other facility comply with all the national and local regulations. As these regulations are based on the European normative, you can rest assured that most are at a par with British legislation

There are, however, some regulations which are not obligatory yet in Spain, but are being phased in gradually over the years.

We realise also, that some LAs have specific requirements for schools in their area and require a risk analysis to be carried out before giving permission to travel. Bearing all this in mind, SunSports invite all Party Leaders to come on a weekend inspection visit and carry out their risk analysis "in situ". It will also give you a chance to see how things will work, here in resort. We offer you 2 nights, half-board accommodation for 2 people, with either self-drive or in-resort transport. Your UK tour operator will provide the travel to and from Spain (if in doubt, let us know !)
Contact us for full details

Inspection Visits are available most weekends except during the high season of July and August.

Government guidelines for school trips and information from Teachernet
Government guidelines for school trips Information from teachernet
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