Join us in Spain...


....for a weekend of Netball fun in the SUN !

Ladies, take a look at the SIX different Netball Weekends
we are organising in 2019 !
SunSports Netball Weekends will be taking place in April, May,
June, October and December ! 


April & May early SUN

The first Netball Weekend taking place at the end of April.
Early SUN, loads of FUN !
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The "Brides-To-Be-Stay-Free"
Weekend for those of you getting married...May Bank Holiday 2019
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Two different Netball Weekends, in the scorching mediterranean SUN... 

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Teachers...October half term SPECIALLY FOR YOU

Our Oct Half Term Netball Weekend is planned with all you teachers in mind. Come and soak up some late summer sun and recharge yourselves ready for the winter term !


Netball Ski Party !!

Join us in Andorra for a weekend of Skiing, Netball, Luxury Caldea Spa and TAX FREE Christmas shopping !
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